Wedding Disco in Manchester


Wedding Disco in ManchesterWhen looking for the right Wedding Disco in Manchester, it is very important you find who the right person is for you. There are many different types of DJ to choose from. There is the Dance music DJ, Party Music DJ who has a big personality on a microphone and is a great entertainer to get the party going or there is the DJ who plays song after song a bit like playing a CD.

Personality DJ

The personality DJ is the more popular of the DJ’s for weddings they know what they are doing to get people on the dance floor. They will have a few games up there sleeves too which will give your wedding a great atmosphere. They will try to get the whole family involved from granny to the kids they will have a music selection for everyone in the room.

First Dance

If your struggling to work out what to choose for your first dance don’t panic as if you are using a seasoned wedding DJ, they will be able to help you decide the right song for you and your special day. If all else fails have a browse on the internet as there are hundreds of first dance songs listed all over the place.


When it comes to your playlist make sure you get this in early to your DJ, and we are not advising the day before as sometimes there may be songs the DJ has never used before. Most DJ’s these days will have a membership to a database of songs online, but sometimes if they do not have WIFI at a venue, it can restrict them getting hold of songs you request.


When it comes to DJ equipment, you might not have a clue about any of it and neither do some DJ’s. You want to make sure the DJ you choose has quality reliable equipment as you don’t want the music to sound awful all through your night. You don’t want a little cheap Maplin laser blinding all your guests make sure you take a good look at who you are booking. Have a look at past reviews, pictures and videos to make sure what your getting is right for you and your budget.

Your Wedding Disco in Manchester Book Early

When booking your Wedding Disco in Manchester make sure you book early to avoid disappointment in not getting the DJ you want. After all your research you don’t want to be left disappointed with having to go with your final choice.

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